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Treatment - Municipal & Industrial

At Nicholas O’Dwyer, our engineers and environmental consultants prepare feasibility studies and develop efficient designs for wastewater treatment plants. 

 We have been responsible for schemes catering for population equivalents ranging from 1,000 to over 500,000.  These plants include those supplying major urban centres and catering for expanding domestic and industrial demands.

 We employ specialists in all areas of plant design, including process, civil, hydraulic and mechanical/electrical engineers and environmental experts enabling us to provide a fully comprehensive service.

In the design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants the services we provide include influent quality analysis; assessment of treatment systems; design of treatment facilities, including process, civil, building and mechanical and electrical systems engineering.  

In addressing the particular needs of Industrial Wastewater Treatment we also carry out nutrient analysis; co-treatment analysis; assessment of treatment systems for high strength loads and the development and monitoring pilot plants to assess treatability. 

Recent Project(s)

South Tipperary Wastewater Treatment Bundle , Ireland

Five new wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) were constructed and seven existing WWTP (with networks) refurbished under a single design-build-operate contract in Tipperary


Galway Main Drainage Scheme, Ireland

Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd. prepared a Preliminary Report for the Project covering both the treatment plants (Mutton Island WwTW, Galway East WwTW)



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