We plan, design and manage transportation corridors for future generations

Efficient transport systems provide economic and social opportunities that positively impact the economy and local communities. Drawing on almost 100 years’ experience, Nicholas O’Dwyer plans, designs and manages the construction and operation of transportation corridors for future generations.

We provide a full range of services to help transportation agencies meet the financial, technical and contextual challenges of delivering roads and highways, rail systems and port developments that address the economic, social and environmental needs of the communities they serve. The engineering of sustainable transport systems requires a mix of skills and experience developed over decades of project implementation.

Counting all of the international funding agencies among our client base, we have been at the forefront of many major infrastructural projects throughout the developing world. As leaders in innovative design and strategic management of such projects, we continue to use the latest technologies and industry developments and trends to provide the right solution to meet client needs.

Over the decades, we have built strong connections with the best engineering firms worldwide and international funding institutions, positioning the company to combine its international expertise with local knowledge and experience.

Our expertise

  • Transportation planning and design for road, rail and port
  • Traffic analysis and urban designs
  • Environmental, social and economic impact assessments
  • Funding and feasibility assessments
  • Regulatory planning submissions
  • Design development and design review
  • Risk management, including flood and climate resilience
  • Construction supervision and contract management


  • Provided engineering services to the development of more than 5000 km of highways
  • Engineered services to projects in the transport sector with a construction value of more than €3 billion
  • Managed individual projects with a capital spend of more than €150 million
  • Supplied over two million work hours of transport engineering services
  • Worked in more than 46 countries throughout the developing world
  • Developed a strong track record in the delivery of projects funded by international funding agencies
  • Administered contracts using globally recognised model forms of conditions of contract

Our latest transportation projects