Adapting the world today for a resilient future

Our existing buildings and infrastructure were designed for a climate that is changing rapidly. Sea levels are rising. Extreme weather events becoming more common. Old assumptions and tolerances no longer apply and at Nicholas O’Dwyer we bring the fresh thinking and analysis that is required to inform our clients and society of these increased risks. There is a pressing need to integrate climate resilience into our built environment. Climate resilience is the ability to recover from, or to mitigate our vulnerability to, climate related events.

At Nicholas O’Dwyer we help communities to develop climate change mitigation strategies and new technologies to help our built environment resist global climate impacts. We help clients in public and private sectors to develop climate resilience at different scales. It requires a combination of environmental science, business analysis and local climate insights.

Understanding the risk and protecting communities against natural peril is key to our sustainable future. Nicholas O’Dwyer consistently delivers the technical and organisational expertise to engineer innovative and economic solutions for managing flood risk to reduce the risk to people, infrastructure and property from the effects of coastal, river and urban flooding. We do this while adhering to the strictest environmental regulatory requirements of the countries where we work.

Climate resilience is a cross sectoral challenge and Nicholas O’Dwyer sets out to build trust in the science, the future projections and the adaptation pathways so we bring our communities with us in responding to events that will have previously caused disruption, despair and health related issues.

Our expertise

  • Catchment studies, including hydrological and hydraulic analysis
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Extreme event analysis to determine catchment flood risk
  • Climate adaptation and climate change risk assessment
  • Engineering design from concept through to planning and detailed design
  • Nature-based solutions, including attenuation measures and land use change, restoration of river functioning and sediment management
  • Integrated catchment and urban area management and;
    • flood or sea level forecasting and warning systems,
    • surface water management plans,
    • disaster risk management planning and preparedness measures,
    • urban sustainable urban drainage design, blue-green infrastructure
  • Client services, including design, procurement and project and contract management, including land displacement assessments using World Bank social impacts analysis

Our latest climate resilience projects