We ensure structures meet and exceed our clients’ needs while protecting the environment

For building and civil engineering structure-related projects, our clients’ primary requirements are functionality, flexibility in use, sustainability and the economy. Whether this is a primary school, a large public museum or a pump house to a large dam, we provide structures that meet and exceed the needs of our clients while protecting the environment.

We make extensive use of the latest technology, including building information models, to design structural solutions and to coordinate the designs of other disciplines, in many cases working collaboratively with a larger team of professional engineers, urban planners and architects. We optimise the structure to suit the needs of the overall design, with a full understanding of the implications of design decisions on the project in the construction and operation phases.

Our client-centred approach means that the delivery of each project is led by a senior member of the firm who deals directly with the client.

Our expertise

  • Residential buildings design services for public and private sector clients
  • Building and structural assessment surveys
  • Building Control Regulations and educational buildings design services for schools and colleges
  • Civil and structural design from early involvement through to planning, detailed design and construction management
  • Full suite of contractor design, planning and project management services in water services, transportation, civil and structural engineering, power and renewables sectors

Our latest building and structures projects