The Strategic Pipeline Alliance is one of the biggest water infrastructure projects in the UK. The ambitious plan will see over 400km (up to 800mm dia) of interconnecting pipes and pumping equipment and approx. 800 crossings, as well as upgrades carried out on existing infrastructure to allow water transfer across the region.

The overall aim is to make the east of England resilient to drought risks. The new pipework will help water move more freely around the region, with the water supplier able to divert it from areas of water surplus in north Lincolnshire to the south and east of the region, where it isn’t as readily available.

Nicholas O’Dwyer carried out the ECI design of the complex crossings and the detailed design for a number of the other crossings. The detailed design of the complex tunnelling crossings along the route includes railway, major roads, rivers & canals etc.

Nicholas O’Dwyer are conducting the detailed design for the tunnel crossings, in addition to drive and reception shafts, using a range of different techniques including a tunnel boring machine and American auger. Nicholas O’Dwyer were also responsible for settlement and heave analysis and undergoing complex ground modelling.

Given the large number of crossings; developing, optimising and standardising the approach to the assembly/delivery of Trenchless Crossings products is critical to providing added value. Nicholas O’Dwyer conducted digital rehearsals with the client and supply chain which significantly contributed towards transforming and innovating the way in which we deliver the assets and solutions.