The Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant is 40 km north of Liberia’s capital, Monrovia. Built in the mid-1990s, the plant was damaged during Liberia’s civil war.

Nicholas O’Dwyer is participating in a reconstruction project that involves replacing the raw-water pipeline running from the dam to the water treatment plant that serves Monrovia. The proposed new pipeline route is 5 km long and generally follows the alignment of the original pipeline, with small deviations. Replacement of the river-intake pumps with gravity flow through the new pipeline will reduce energy use at the water treatment plant.

Additionally, improving the reliability of the raw-water supply to the treatment plant will translate into a more consistent water supply for local residents.

We were awarded the 2022 Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland Engineering Excellence Award in the Overseas category for the Monrovia project. It was delivered during the global COVID-19 pandemic thanks to seamless coordination between our design team and staff in head office, and positive engagement with stakeholders.