The Digital Terrestrial Television Project was an EU mandated requirement to have in place by end of 2012.

As part of this roll-out there was extensive operations on the replacement and installation of new masts and tower structures at various sites around the country. Four large masts ranging from 122m to 220m, and all associated broadcast antennae and all other 3rd party customers antennae have been either redesigned or replaced on the new masts.

As part of this major project, Nicholas O’Dwyerprovided the following services at the 4 locations around the country;

  • Planning Applications for each site
  • Preplanning Consultation Process with the Local Authority and other interested Groups such as NPWS
  • Preparation of Site Design
  • Design of masts structure, foundations, and ancillary structures
  • Preparation of Tender Documents for Public Tender
  • Provision of PSDP (CDM) services on the Contract
  • Project Management of overall Sites Installation
  • Prepared Site Inspections and Climb down Surveys
  • Safety File Information
  • Certification of completed Works.

Acting as project managers, Nicholas O’Dwyer oversaw the whole process with RTÉ NL as well as structural design reviews and site supervision.