Dar es Salaam accounts for 40 percent of the urban population of Tanzania and is expected to continue attracting a significant number of new urban residents. By 2030 it is expected to have over 10 million inhabitants, many of whom will reside in peri-urban areas that are currently underserved.

Given its role as the engine of the economy, and the focus of key industries, commerce, the port, the rail and road transport services, it will continue to draw more resources, including water. Keeping up with the demand for provision of sustainable infrastructure, including water supply and sanitation (WSS), is therefore a critical challenge for the city.

With water production capacity for Dar es Salaam doubling, this project is helping to distribute this extra water by enabling expansion of Water Supply Distribution in Unserved Priority Areas. A key priority for expansion was, Tegeta-Mpiji and Mpiji-Bagamoyo, given the historically low levels of service here.

This project benefitted over 450,000 people and included the construction, supervised by Nicholas O’Dwyer, of 1,500km of the following: 200mm to 75mm Diameter Tertiary Watermains: 500mm to 250mm Diameter Primary Watermains; over 50 No. PRV’s, District Meters etc.; 3 No. 5,000 m³ RC Reservoirs and 3 No. Pumping Stations.