Clifton Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW) is a rural treatment plant that recycles wastewater from a South Yorkshire village. The site provided ideal conditions for an integrated constructed wetland (ICW) to reduce nutrients, meeting new water quality objectives.

ICWs are nature-based solutions, providing a low-energy, environmentally friendly method of wastewater treatment with significant biodiversity benefits and promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nicholas O’Dwyer, acting as designer, undertook the detailed design of Yorkshire Water’s first ICW project. We reviewed the concept design and managed the required project constraints (including planning, environmental and ecological) in delivering the detailed design.

The award-winning project – the first WwTW in England to treat all flows and the first WwTW to show biodiversity net gain – provides significant knowledge to further develop sustainable treatment plants and their role in climate resilience.

This project won the ACEI Engineering Excellence Award for Sustainability in the Natural Environment 2023.