Nicholas O’Dwyer, through its parent company RSK Environment, has secured a project with the Malawi Roads Authority for consulting services related to supervising the construction of 300 km of four sections of Malawi’s single-carriageway M1 road.

The project is funded by the European Investment Bank and is expected to conclude sometime in February 2026. Nicholas O’Dwyer will deliver the project over 3.5 years.

The multi-scheme road operation involves rehabilitating and widening the single-carriageway road. Its four sections are outlined below.

Map of Malawi pipeline.

Section 1: Kamuzu International Airport to Kasungu (102 km)
Section 2: Kasungu to Jenda (85.5 km)
Section 3: Jenda to the Mzimba turn-off (46.74 km)
Section 4: Kacheche to Chiweta (66.5 km)


Project objectives
The project will improve access to trade and create better food security by providing a reliable and durable M1 road that is integrated into the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa North-South Corridor. Associated projects will increase traffic safety and security on the M1 road.

As part of the project’s remit, Nicholas O’Dwyer’s team will conduct International Road Assessment Programme (IRAP) assessments. “The project is a pillar of economic development, and its benefits will be felt country-wide,” said Nicholas O’Dwyer’s country manager, Paul Rushton. “Its implementation will create thousands of jobs and boost the development of native industries.”

NOD has set up an office in Lilongwe. As part of our community engagement, we have sponsored a local football team, Rumphi United FC. The club is based in Rumphi in Malawi’s northern region. The team qualified for and is competing in the TNM Super League. It is currently third in the league. Club manager Isaac Kaunda Palichi said “Rumphi is a small but determined team. Against all odds, we made it to the big leagues. For a team like ours, funding and equipment has always been a challenge, so the support from RSK and Nicholas O’Dwyer helps us to have multiple fresh kits available.”