We are thrilled to announce the debut of Nicholas O’Dwyer’s freshly revitalised website

Encompassing a sustainable ethos at its core, the platform serves as the primary source of information on Nicholas O’Dwyer’s proficiency in providing eco-conscious water, environmental, civil and structural engineering services to a diverse global clientele. Emphasising our work in the developing world, the new website underscores our commitment to blending economic advancement with sustainable development.

A legacy of expertise shaped by the pursuit of sustainability

Founded in 1932 in Ireland, Nicholas O’Dwyer’s evolution has not only reflected the technological advances of the times but also represented its continued commitment to embedding sustainability into every aspect of the business. Today, we stand proud as one of Ireland’s leading engineering and environmental consultancies, reflecting our resolve to drive sustainable innovations.

Our company is truly global, operating across continents and undertaking diverse projects, with offices in major economic regions, including Europe, Britain, the Middle East and Africa. As an integral part of the RSK Group, we harness the profound collective experience and knowledge of RSK, fine-tuning our bespoke professional services in engineering design, project management, environment and planning, construction supervision and technical and contract advisory to meet the sustainability goals of the 21st century.

“The launch of our website is a significant milestone that enhances our digital presence, helping us to attract new talent and environmentally conscious clients in our established markets. It also symbolises our connection to the RSK Group, enabling us to utilise the interconnected expertise of the group to augment our core services,” says Head of Global Business, Michel Davitt.

Explore a world of sustainability and opportunity

Curious minds are invited to follow the link to access our Home. Visit the About Us page to delve into our company’s legacy and commitment to sustainable engineering practices. Our Careers section beckons aspiring professionals and seasoned specialists alike who are keen to contribute to a global company that nurtures talent and fosters a culture of sustainability. The Services section provides an in-depth perspective into our environmentally conscious services, demonstrating how we could partner on any project, irrespective of size, in most major global centres. Our Projects section showcases a portfolio reflecting our dedication to sustainable engineering practices and innovative solutions.

We will regularly refresh our content to keep you informed of our expanding range of sustainable services, ongoing projects, company news and announcements. For more insight, continue to explore our website, a testament to our commitment to engineering a sustainable world and a hub for attracting the best talent in the field.